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Welcome to the homepage of KaVE. The project was started as part of the Software Campus, a German research program that bridges the gap between academia and industry by encouraging an intensive exchange between both worlds.

The project started in 2013. Over the years, the project significantly grew in size and evolved to a stable platform, specifically for research in the area of "recommendation systems for software engineering", but also to answer more general questions about human factors in software engineering.

In which topic are you interested in?

 A general purpose interaction tracker. Ready to be installed in  Visual Studio to capture interactions of its user and easy to extend  to capture additional context information during development.
 Platform tailored to the needs of the development of  recommendation systems for software engineering.  Provides  tooling and the means for a proper evaluation.
   Intelligent Code Completion
 Developers have to work with new APIs daily, this just got easier!  Based on the powerful  PBN engine, developer can enjoy  intelligent API proposals in  Visual Studio by installing the tool.
 Research on RSSE heavily relies on data. We provide a dataset  of  pre-analyzed Github repositories that can serve as reference data  for training a model. In addition, we provide a dataset of  developer interactions, which can be used for evaluation.

You will also find many other topics on this website. For example, we maintain a list of projects in which we applied our tools. You might an in depth discussion of our core data structures Simplified Syntax Trees and Enriched Event Streams helpful.