FeedBaG++ is an interaction tracker for Visual Studio. Once installed, it will capture all interactions performed by the developer.

More than just commands

The core feature that sets FeedBaG++ apart from competing systems is that it captures more than just the information which command is invoked. FeedBaG++ captures an enriched event stream. Every event contains basic information like the creation time, but events can be further specialized and by adding additional information that provide the required context to understand the actions of the developer. For example, instead of simply storing that a developer pressed "Save", we also store the information, which file was actually saved.

At its core, FeedBaG++ is an extensible framework that allows to register new generators. A generator is a specialized entity that instruments a specific part of Visual Studio to capture extended information. For example, FeedBaG contains a "TestRun" generator that tracks information about the executed tests (i.e., name of the test, duration of execution, test result). You will find more information about the events that are already implemented in the event types section. It is very easy to extend FeedBaG with new generators though.