Our tool tool is built on top of the ReSharper, a productivity tool for Visual Studio that no C# developer wants to miss. Install that first!

After the installation, you will find ReSharper in the main menu bar of Visual Studio. Head to ReSharper » Options... » Environment » Extension Manager. In this menu, you will find all feeds that are used to install extensions.

The ReSharper Gallery is a default feed that always exists. You can add the feed of our build server, if you are interested in the hot versions, or you can add a local feed on your hard drive, if you want to have better control about the available updates. If you just want to install the latest stable version, you don't need to change anything here! In case you are interested in our bleeding edge development results, you will find a link to the feed of our build server in the community section.

Whatever feed you configure, go to ReSharper » Extension Manager... and search for "KaVE". The extension manager will find our tool.

Once you installed the Feedback Generator, you will find the new menu entry "KaVE" in the ReSharper menu. You can will find all our tools in this menu, a detailed user manual for the feedback manager exists in the documentation section.

The KaVE options are integrated in the ReSharper options (ReSharper » Options... » Tools » KaVE Feedback).

The feedback extension is still under active development. ReSharper will inform you about available updates, we encourage everybody to always upgrade to new versions.

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