MSR Mining Challenge

Welcome to the MSR Mining Challenge Website. The official website is hosted at and contains all official announcements and requirements. This webpage here is supplemental and will provide more technical information and support for getting everything up and running.

Download the data

Download the interaction data that is linked in the Datasets section ("Interaction Data"). Unzip the download archive somewhere, you should now have a folder that includes a bunch of folders that have dates as names and that contain more .zip files.

Each .zip contains all events that have been shared by the same user. And -just for the record- the folder name is the date on which the user shared data with us for the first time. You should check out our two minimal examples below to make sure that you are good to go.

You will find a more detailed explanation of the contents of the events in the event types section.

Read and work with the data

in Java:

in C#:

If you have questions regarding the datasets or need help getting it to work, please use our user mailing list to get in contact with us.


Maven (Java):

NuGet (C#):