Intelligent Code Completion

We all know how much effort is necessary to learn a new framework! You have to spend a lot of time to understand the correct usage and very often it is quite hard to remember all proven best-practices. The situation gets even worse when developer change projects: one has to cope with the plethora of frameworks used in any larger project in order to contribute to the project at all.

We have good news if this sounds familiar to you!

KaVE: Intelligent Code Completion

The KaVE-Project was born in a cooperation between the software development department of an established German company and the Technische Universität Darmstadt. We develop assistance tools for Visual Studio that support software developers like you when learning or using frameworks. The following picture shows our intelligent method completion that make IntelliSense even more intelligent. The KaVE extension analyzes the source-code under edit and finds similar usages of the same frameworks in its knowledge database. Likely missing method invocations are identified in these examples and recommended to the developer.

Sounds good? It still get's better: The KaVE extension is seamlessly integrated into IntelliSense, just continue to use the tools you know, but get additional value! The proposal generation is super fast and spares your valuable CPU cycles so that you can work on your project undisturbed.

Get Started!

The recommender is available for everybody. It is easy to install and easy to setup and provides models for a selection of types. While this selection is still quite small right now, this is not because of a conceptual limitation, but simply caused by the fact that we need to build up the infrastructure for hosting the models first. We will constantly increase the selection of types to cover more and more types.