Release Notes

This page lists the versions of FeedBaG with some comments about changes. Please note that this list will never exhaustively list all changes in a specific version. Please refer to the commit messages in the repository for more detailed descriptions. The released commits are tagged with the corresponding date, which makes it easy to identify the corresponding commits.


    • Update to ReSharper 2018.1
    • Minor adaptation of updated R# TestEvent stati.
    • Fixed incorrect link to manual upload site.


    • Update to ReSharper 2017.3

0.1018 & 0.019 (duplicate version, caused by misconfiguration of our build server)

    • Update to ReSharper 2017.2
    • Fixed timing issues for TestRunEvents
    • Fixed minor bugs in the static analysis that creates the SST snapshots.
    • Substantially improved the edit-location detection for the trigger location marker in SSTs.
    • Improved resource consumption by unregistering unnecessary listeners.


    • Change all events to contain localized times
    • Restructured commons dependencies
    • Several changes in commons to improve general stability
    • Fix TestRunEventGenerator and use a consistent time zone
    • Logging of KaVE-specific events
    • Prevent repeated logging of bogus WPF button instrumentations
    • Revise EditEventGenerator
    • Revise NavigationEventGenerator


    • Upgrade to ReSharper 2017.1
    • Increased precision of completion target analysis.
    • Improved SST transformation for switch blocks.
    • Capture more details for most IntelliSense proposals and selections.
    • Bug fix: User Profile was not added in manual Zip exports.


    • Upgrade to ReSharper 2016.3
    • Extended TypeShape analysis to include members and nested classes.


Upgrade to ReSharper 2016.2.


    • Fixed a bug in the timing information of TestRunEvents
    • ..?


We fixed a bug that prevented window focus events from being generated.


?We added testevents?


This is the first version that contains the disclaimer that captured events may be used in publications. You will not find older events in the published datasets.